Dissolving Reality

by Digital Exile

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Digital Exile is:
Jonny Hopwood-vocals
Kristian Otten-keys/synth/sitar
Luke Chase-guitar/bass
Gabe Chase-drums/percussion

Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Tyler Maynard
Produced by Luke Chase and Gabe Chase

Album Cover Art and Design by Becky Maynard

Songs written by Luke Chase
Lyrics to "The Crasher" and "The Words" written by Benjamin J. Chase

Guitar solo on "Lost Melody" performed by Brad Chase
Trumpet on "The Crasher" performed by Ted Samodel
Additional Vocals on "Subformation" by East German Men's Choir


released August 10, 2016

Special thanks to: Tyler and Becky Maynard for artistically collaborating with us on this endeavor, Ted Samodel, Heather and Chelsey Chase, Brad "The Rev" Chase and Janet Chase, Carl and Melissa Otten.

When brothers Gabe (drums) and Luke Chase (guitar, vocals) were in high school, they began writing and playing music together. This led to numerous home recordings and much enjoyment in their musical creations. Over the years, they compiled songs and continued to develop their craft, eventually deciding to form a band.

Looking to fill out the ensemble, Gabe and Luke soon welcomed their close friends Kristian Otten (keyboards, bgvs, etc) and Jonny Hopwood (lead vocals, guitar). Both new members added their own unique skill sets.
Together, they form Digital Exile, a progressive rock band based primarily in Southeastern Connecticut. Their influences range widely across the rock genre, from Incubus and Thrice to more progressive acts like Karnivool, Porcupine Tree and Tool. Musically, the band creates an organic, sonic atmosphere composed of heavy riffs, soaring choruses, and instrumental solos. They aim to walk the tightrope of writing music that is both accessible and in line with the traditions of progressive rock.

It is with great excitement that Digital Exile has just released their 3rd album, “Dissolving Reality,” and it is available on itunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, Amazon, Google Play, and other online platforms. This album shows the maturity of the band, both as musicians and lyricists. “Dissolving Reality” took more time in studio than the previous 2 albums combined, and the band members took more time to explore the structure and potential of each song.
Ultimately, it is an end product they are happy with. Listeners will undoubtedly notice the influence of bands like Tool and Dream Theater in tracks like “New Spectrum” and “The Words.” They will notice influences of bands like Incubus in tracks like the title track, and even hints of Thrice’s Alchemy Index in “The Crasher.” Musically, they wrote this album as a sort of "love letter" to some their biggest influences, while maintaining a sound that is still very much their own.
Did they succeed? Listen and judge for yourself.



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Track Name: Subformation
Broken down, humbled once again
My heart is found grounded in abandonment
You dug me up from beneath my shameful grave
It's a place I called home before I saw the light of day
Track Name: New Spectrum
I’m cold, you offer nothing
No shame to lose tonight
I’m weary from your smiles to calm and condescend
And this is where we draw the line

What’s wrong with this?
Nothing holds up in the light
We only go so far to upset our lives
Before we pack it up, come home and say “we tried”

Collapsing into this, we cannot compromise
We need the Spirit’s guidance, more than we realize
Step aside and watch as our Earth will surely pass
To lay the groundwork for a world that was made to last

Left to make good use of time, break inertness
For many wander all about, devoid of purpose
Track Name: Dissolving Reality
I had a dream, illusive as they are
My whole world was collapsing, inside a falling star
And the people never changed from the evidence they found
I wait for implosion or the orbit to make its way around

I’m at a resting place right now, maybe I’ve found an in-between
Have I invested all this time to run away?
In a reality where I am no more real than your next dream
I feel I’m fading fast and there is nothing left to say

A step back and forward, this whole process stands still
No longer feeding direction, left to decide what it will
It’s been awhile since these feet have felt the motion of a run
When everything is so constant, a platitude beneath the dying sun
Track Name: Tabula Rasa
I can’t explain these lines
They don’t make sense to me
They link to form confines
That you can’t read between
But should the pattern break
Or bend for just a time
I’d slip right through the cracks
Before they realign

This is not a test
You won’t be ranked so save the irony
Just know in your defense
You forfeit your seat to stand up and speak

You’ve opened up the door
To what was closed behind
‘til tangents hit the floor
And memory reels unwind
But all the paths descend
To form a perfect stream
They all have found their end
A unifying theme

How dare you speak out
Of line and out of frame
Track Name: The Crasher
You crashed our wedding at break of dawn
When sunlight was sickled and grass unturned
Laughing and looking, you were singing a song
When we made our vows with eyes that burned

You stayed for a while in the crowded room
But you weren’t there for the bride or groom
You’ll be asked to leave very soon

You crashed our reception in the late afternoon
When we reveled in fields as shadows grew
Dancing and drinking, you were singing off-tune
When we made our toast in words ever true

You left at midnight when we shared the light
Glowing in gauntlets of candles and praise
Crying and cursing, you tripped in the night
Falling like lightning at the end of days

You were lost in sunlight, songs, wine
A memory of gifts closing in time
Track Name: Catalysis
Set the pace
To resolve
In your words
I’m absolved

In my heart, it starts to heal
This over now
And reclaim my view
Of a broken world

Lying here
Dying prayer
Still cynical
But you are here
Track Name: Lost Melody
I made promises that I could not keep
More than once made choices that cost me sleep
Tried to make a change, but I sank too deep
She was sitting there with a broken heart
In a room divided, we were worlds apart
I’ll move on when I’m not too scared to start

There’s a melody lost in this heart of stone
I carve out the words sometimes when I’m alone
And I hate my past when it’s the least of my concerns
Find me singing here when the Creator returns

Friends get married, friends move on
They’re a gift and a comfort until they’re gone
Then the value you placed on them was wrong
Because the road splits and you must part ways
And you long for a peace but it never stays
You won’t find it again until the end of days

Don’t wait for the past to come and find you
It won’t leave you alone
If you keep letting voices talk, they will tell you
They’re in control
Track Name: No Place Like Home
You built up walls to fast appear
When your intent becomes deadly clear
Cut off from all-they’re just like you
Deny all means to discover truth

Why do we live like Hell?
When the future’s said and done
Fallen to the spell
When this place is not our home

Come one, come all-deliver me
I’ve claimed for too long to be set free
No place like home to run into
With all the howling winds in pursuit
Track Name: Alliances
The only way to leave this Hell
Is to understand why you are here
Accept the blame, repent in full
To the God who died to save your soul

That well-worn adaptation has faded from a mask
And all the words of wisdom are jaded by the past
Hold judgments on the cover, salvation’s yours at last

You sacrifice a dialogue
And wonder why you feel so lost
You may think it’s all free thought
Until you’ve added up the cost
Track Name: The Words
The earth was nothing before the Word
But it rose to the voice that it heard
It was in the beginning and after the end
In a curving tunnel and a cosmic bend

The words dissever things untrue
And “how much” I ask, “is left of you?”

We made mortar and baked our bricks
Sculpting rebellion out of the mix
We worked together and stole the sky
Until tongues unraveled, confusing our cry

The writer wrote himself to earth
Friend of sorrow, stranger to mirth
His words formed the fault of a deeper crack
That must have split when we sent him back

We were gathered for the feast
When wind and fire was released
Men spoke in tongues not their own
To the world gathered in our home